Criteria for Business Excellence

The framework, criteria for business excellence of Cambodia Quality Award, is a management tool which helps to improve the current operations and achieve long term sustainability. The businesses will achieve better Financial Results, Satisfied Loyal Customers, Improved Products and Services and an Engaged work Force.

Cambodia Quality Award Criteria as a framework for ongoing planning and self-assessment will mean that you are prepared for unexpected challenges. The organization will have focus on Results and Systematic Processes in place that are effective, fully deployed, and agile, regularly evaluated for improvement, responsive for customers and stakeholder needs and integrated into operational areas.

How Organization’s leadership set Vision and Values and deploy them to workforce, key suppliers, customers and other stake holders
How your organization develops strategic objectives and action plans, as well as how you implement, change and measure progress on those objectives and plans
How your organization engages customers to attain long-term success in the market place and meeting customer expectations
Measurement, analysis and knowledge management. How you select, gather, analyze, manage and improve your organization’s data, information, and knowledge assets
How your organization assess capabilities and staffing levels you need in your workforce and builds an environment that will lead to high performance by your workforce
How your organization designs, manages and improves its work systems and work processes to deliver customer value and achieve organizational success and sustainability
Examines the performance and improvements in all key areas- product and process sexy russian bride outcomes, customer focused outcomes, workforce focused outcomes, leadership and governance outcomes and financial and market outcomes