By: Admin | Posted on: 19 Apr 2016

DSC02143In accordance with the Law on the Chamber of Commerce, and due to the dynamic atmosphere of its business activities, Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce has its authorities in its boundary within Phnom Penh Capital City.

The Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce has operated and was running its 1st mandate, 1st session from 1995 to 1998 under the Executive controversy Board of Director. Oknha THENG BUNMA, the former President who were appointed via the equal voted selection that was fallen into four-sectors such as Commercial Sector, Craft and Industrial Sector, Service and Liberal Profession Sector, and Agricultural Sector.

On the 1st Mandate, 2nd session from 1998 to 2001, under its Executive Office, Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce had been terminated its Mandatory President, so the re-election for the successor President took place automatically to lead the progressive business activities in the boundary of Phnom Penh city as well as in the Kingdom of Cambodia territory. Oknha SOK KONG, Successor President who was passed through the election committee and operated its boosting business activities very smoothly.

After the 1st Mandate had been gone, the 2nd Mandate was coming up with its glory in name of Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce from 2001 to 2005--in turn, the international regulation was fully enforced and was holding its regular board of meetings.

During 2001 to 2005, Oknha SOK KONG had won the election and continued to hold his Presidency of the 2nd Mandate of 1st session. By looking for the factual impression in the Kingdom of Cambodia, H.E CHAM PRASIDH, Senior-Minister, Minister of Commerce and the Vice-Chairman of the Council of the Development of Cambodia had made another proposal to the Royal Government to set up the Cambodia national Chamber of Commerce.

Eventually, The Cambodia national Chamber of Commerce was created under Sub-Decree N0. 89 ANK.BK dated 26 August 2002 as stipulating that Cambodia national Chamber of Commerce has activated in its Provincial and Municipal boundary within the Kingdom of Cambodia.

No sooner and later, on July 22nd, 2004, Samdech Prime Minister HUN SEN had approved Sub-Decree on the Establishment of the Kampong Cham Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 22 ANK.BK), Battam Bang Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 23 ANK.BK), Banteay Meanchay Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 24 ANK.BK), Khos Kong Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 25 ANK.BK), Siem Reap Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 26 ANK.BK), and Sihanouk Ville Chamber of commerce (Sub-Decree N0 27 ANK.BK) that authorized in its boundary of each self-motivated Provinces.

One month later, on September 17th, 2004 Samdech Prime Minister HUN SEN, the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia had made the approvals of Sub-Decree on the Establishment of Kandal Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 43 ANK.BK), Takeo Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 44 ANK.BK), Kampot Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 45 ANK.BK), Kampong Speu Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 46 ANK.BK), Svay Rieng Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 47 ANK.BK), Prey Veng Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 48 ANK.BK), Kratie Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 49 ANK.BK), Steoung Treng Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 50 ANK.BK), Ratanak Kiri Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 51 ANK.BK), Mondul Kiri Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 52 ANK.BK), Kampong Thom Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 53 ANK.BK), Odar Meanchay Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 55 ANK.BK), Pursat Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 56 ANK.BK), Kampong Chhnang Chamber of commerce (Sub-Decree N0 57 ANK.BK), Pailin Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 58 ANK.BK), and Kep Chamber of Commerce (Sub-Decree N0 59 ANK.BK) that have its authorized boundary in each Municipal and provincial.

In order to promote, to develop and to reach the national economy, respectively to increase the effectiveness and transparency of the implementing the government's economic policy, the 2nd Mandate of 2nd session from 2005 to 2008 has been starting up under the controversy of Neak Oknha KITH MENG, President of the Cambodia national Chamber of Commerce/Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce has pointed out either the strategic lines and the vision to the future development of the Chamber of Commerce which have been mentioned in two-main-key-indicators such the International Network Enlargement and the Provision to Render the Best Services to its Member Companies.

However, the prime-initiatives is to strengthen the relationship of the cooperation between Chamber of Commerce to the whole local and international organization, especially, between Cambodia Chamber of Commerce and International Business/Trade Associations around the World. It is as well to the private firms in all types of business sectors. To be firmly represented the Private Sector to gain the mutual benefit for a cause of securing business environment--the better for all in the future.